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Solutions for Water Reuse and Energy Self-Sufficiency

Water Reuse The Goleta Sanitary District recognizes the importance of water in our community. It is a precious resource and too valuable to let go to waste. We built our Water Reclamation Facility in 1994 in partnership with the Goleta Water District. Through our reclamation process...

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Recycled Water

Reclaimed Water Goleta Sanitary District produces higher quality secondary-treated water and discharges it safely into the ocean. By adding a third stage of treatment, a portion of the secondary treated water is raised to a higher quality level (with the addition and removal of chemicals) and...

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Note: Out of an abundance of caution we are limiting public access to the Water Resource Recovery facility. As a result we are discontinuing the availability of biosolids to the public. We appreciate your patience in this matter. Biosolids are nutrient-rich organic materials removed from...

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Collection System - System Description

Collecting Wastewater When we flush toilets or drain sinks and appliances, the wastewater seems to simply disappear. Of course, it doesn't. It drains into the wastewater collection system, a 132+ mile system of underground pipelines that collects wastewater from throughout the Goleta Valley and transports it...

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Green Business Practices

At a luncheon honoring local businesses in March, 2019, the District was recognized as a Certified Green Business by the Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County, having been certified in February 2019. Established by the California Green Business Program, the process assesses Energy, Waste...

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Air Quality/Odor Control

The District is required to meet certain air quality requirements in order to operate. Given that the treatment of wastewater has the potential to produce foul odors, the District has invested in two odor control towers which help to “scrub” the air released during in...

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The District’s on-site laboratory is certified by the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program. The laboratory staff performs routine sampling of the District’s wastewater treatment plant processes and conducts testing of reclaimed water and wastewater for the purpose of plant process...

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Utility of the Future

A ‘Utility of the Future (UOTF)’ is defined by clean water utility leaders pioneering innovative technologies and cutting-edge practices, with a focus on resource recovery, efficiency and sustainability. Our pursuit in being a “Utility of the Future” means we continue to embrace innovative, new technologies just...

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Expanded Water Reuse

In 1994 the District partnered with the Goleta Water District to build and operate the region’s first water reclamation facility. To date over 7 billion gallons of water have been recycled for irrigation use in the western Goleta Valley. The District continues to work closely with...

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Mission Statement

We protect public health and the environment through cost effective wastewater collection, treatment and resource recovery to meet present and future community needs.