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The District is responsible and liable for enforcing all Federal pretreatment requirements within the Goleta Sanitary District’s service area. The Clean Water Act gives GSD the authority to control the introduction of pollutants which interfere with, pass through, or are otherwise incompatible with publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities.

GSD has determined a set of “local limits” that specify the concentrations of substances which industrial users may not be exceeded. These limits are reviewed periodically and adjusted after a public review and comment period.

The legal authority to enforce the pretreatment program is provided in the sewer use ordinances. The respective documents are listed below:

Goleta Sanitary District Ordinance No. 73

Ordinance #73 sets a schedule of fees for plan checks, reviews, permits (including industrial waste control) and inspections.

Goleta Sanitary District Ordinance No. 77

Ordinance No. 77 updates and repeals Ordinance Nos. 44 and 74 with the addition of the required EPA streamling regulations. Ordinance No. 77 sets uniform requirements for discharges into the wastewater collection system and enables the District to comply with the provisions of the Clean Water Act, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board and any other discharge criteria which are required or authorized by State or Federal law. The ordinance provides for the establishment of monitoring and enforcement procedures and incorporates the local limits from Ordinance No. 74.

Mission Statement

We protect public health and the environment through cost effective wastewater collection, treatment and resource recovery to meet present and future community needs.