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The Goleta Sanitary District has been able to consistently maintain low sewer service fees by operating and maintaining its infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner while delivering exceptional levels of service. As critical assets and equipment age, the District implements timely repair and/or replacement based on a comprehensive asset management program (AMP). The goal of the AMP is to maximize the useful life of individual assets to reduce their overall lifecycle cost.

In order to implement an effective AMP, the District developed a detailed inventory of thousands of individual assets. Each asset was categorized and its replacement cost, age and condition were considered in order to determine when it would likely require maintenance, repairs or replacement. This information is used to prioritize and schedule needed repairs and forecast ongoing investment needs.

In this age of decreasing budgets, the District’s AMP helps maximize the return on investment and provides sound, defendable, data-backed decisions to find the right balance between funding immediate needs and maintaining reserves for long-term capital expenditures.