The District’s fiscal year (FY) is the 12 months starting July 1st and ending June 30th. The District’s budget, adopted by the governing board each year, estimates expenditures and the required revenues for the year. The draft budget is circulated for comments and input among the public agencies served by the District.

The District’s budget consists of three major sections: existing designated funds activities and balances; anticipated revenues;  and estimated expenditures.

The District anticipates the following total expenditures and revenues in the fiscal year 2022 / 2023:

Estimated Expenditures without depreciation: $ 21,865,950
CalPERS UAL paydown: $ 3,400,000
Total Disbursements: $ 25,265,950
Total Anticipated Revenues: $ 22,350,009
Total change in Fund balance: - $ 2,915,941

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