Goleta Sanitary District's combined service area of the regional treatment facility has an approximate population of 80,000. The Goleta Sanitary District's wastewater treatment and resource recovery plant is located in an unincorporated coastal area of Santa Barbara County. The District’s service area consists of the unincorporated area of the Goleta Valley immediately west of and adjacent to the City of Santa Barbara, and a portion of the City of Goleta around and easterly of the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport.

In addition the District serves, under a separate contract, the Goleta West Sanitary District, which serves the remaining western portion of the City of Goleta, and the community in the unincorporated area of Isla Vista. The District also serves the University of California at Santa Barbara; the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport which belongs to the City of Santa Barbara; and certain Santa Barbara County facilities. 

Map of the Goleta Sanitary District boundaries:

Goleta Sanitary District Service Area MapDownload Map as PDF

Mission Statement

We protect public health and the environment through cost effective wastewater collection, treatment and resource recovery to meet present and future community needs.