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control station computers

Operations and Maintenance


The treatment plant operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Treatment plant operators must meet stringent state requirements to become certified to work at a wastewater treatment plant. Once certified they must continue to meet on-going state continuing education requirements. This way the District ensures that the operations of the treatment facilities are in the hands of certified, and well-qualified employees.


An extensive maintenance program is in effect at the District to ensure that all equipment is monitored and cared for on a routine basis. Properly maintained equipment increases the ability of the treatment plant to work most efficiently. The District's Asset Management Program (AMP) ensures that high priority tasks are identified for service first. The  AMP maximizes the useful life of individual assets.

NPDES Permit

The Goleta Sanitary District has a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit that allows it to discharge treated wastewater into the Pacific Ocean. The NPDES program was established under the 1977 Clean Water Act and limits the amount and quality of effluent that treatment plants are allowed to discharge.


The 30+ employees of the Goleta Sanitary District have a wide variety of job skills, education and experience. This variety of skills and experiences offers employees the opportunity to become involved in many different projects. The District’s current staff has experience in engineering, chemistry, marine biology, plumbing, construction, mechanics, accounting, art and administrative skills.


  • Mission:

    We protect public health and the environment through cost-effective wastewater collection, treatment, and resource recovery to meet present and future community needs.

  • Vision:

    To be the Region’s Leader in Water Resource Recovery through Excellence and Innovation.

  • Values:

    We value our Community, the People we Serve, and the Environment we Protect by: Acting with Integrity, Being Dependable, Being Responsible, Being Safe and, Being Innovative.