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Air Quality/Odor Control

The District is required to meet certain air quality requirements in order to operate. Given that wastewater has strong unpleasant smells and the treatment of wastewater has the potential to release foul odors, the District has invested in an odor control tower which helps to “scrub” the air released during the processing of wastewater and solids to limit the emissions released into the air. The odor control towers use ferric chloride and sulfur-eating bacteria which help control the amount of sulfur gas (hydrogen sulfide = the rotten egg smell).

The District submits a report every year to the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) verifying that we meet all requirements for emissions. We value the importance of protecting the air we all breathe and work hard to keep emissions low. The District recently changed from ferrous chloride to ferric chloride to aid in the treatment process. The change to ferric chloride is a more effective and efficient way of cleaning the air and is another example of embracing innovative solutions to treatment process challenges.

  • Mission:

    We protect public health and the environment through cost-effective wastewater collection, treatment, and resource recovery to meet present and future community needs.

  • Vision:

    To be the Region’s Leader in Water Resource Recovery through Excellence and Innovation.

  • Values:

    We value our Community, the People we Serve, and the Environment we Protect by: Acting with Integrity, Being Dependable, Being Responsible, Being Safe and, Being Innovative.