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Special districts are voted into existence by the citizens they serve and are sanctioned under California law to perform specific local government functions within certain boundaries. The Goleta Sanitary District was formed in 1942 and reorganized under the Sanitary District Act of 1923. It derives its authority in the California Health & Safety Code (Sections 6400-6830).

The District is governed by an elected Board of Directors which is accountable to the public. The Directors are members of the community they represent. The District is independently audited and subject to state and public scrutiny.

Other special districts in Santa Barbara County include water, fire service, mosquito and vector management, recreation and parks, healthcare, air pollution, and other services.

Our District is proud to partner with Districts Make the Difference, at statewide public outreach campaign created to help increase awareness and understanding of special districts sponsored by the California Special District Association.

For more information about special districts please visit www.districtsmakethedifference.org.