Guide to Energy Independence

The District adopted a comprehensive Biosolids and Energy Strategic Plan (BESP) which provides us with a roadmap to energy sustainability in a phased timeline. The focus of the BESP is to implement the best combination of biosolids treatment, disposal, and energy recovery improvements to meet our goals. The first phase includes the construction of a new digester, biogas storage facility, and a combined heat and power (CHP) system to convert the biogas generated through the treatment process into energy to power our facilities. These improvements allow us to be less reliant on grid power and save money.

We are currently in the final design stage of the Phase 1 improvements and plan to initiate construction by the end of 2022. Each phase of the BESP can be considered as a building block to the next phase. The completion of all 3 phases of the BESP is expected to occur by 2035.

For more information, please read this summary document.