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Visit GSD/Virtual Tour

You're Invited to Visit Us!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus health crisis, we are closed for in-person tours. We are planning a new program of once-a-quarter tours starting in September. But please check out these brief introductory virtual tour videos of the process and functions of wastewater collection, treatment, and nutrient recapture. If you have any questions, please email Laura Romano at the link below.

Virtual Tour Videos

The Goleta Sanitary District serves over 80,000 residents and businesses in the Goleta Valley. We collect, treat, and reclaim resources from wastewater on a daily basis. The average flow of wastewater is about 4.5 million gallons a day, and we produce an average of 300 million gallons of reclaimed water a year for landscape purposes, saving precious drinking water for the community. The order of the videos approximates the collection and treatment process. Videos will be added and updated, so stay tuned! We hope you enjoy this introductory virtual tour.

Panoramic Welcome

Collection System

Influent Pump (lift) station

Headworks and Step Screen

Odor Control Tower

Equalization Basin

Primary Clarifier


Methane Flare

Trickling Filter

Sentinel Chickens

Activated Sludge

Secondary Clarifier

Solids Handling Building/Screw Press

Biosolids Drying Beds

Chlorine Contact Channel

Reclamation Facility

Process of Ocean Discharge

End of Process






                                                                    Bienvenida Panoramica                                                                                                                           Fin del Proceso



Contact Laura Romano, the staff member in charge of public outreach at
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(805) 967-4519 ex.128

  • Mission:

    We protect public health and the environment through cost-effective wastewater collection, treatment, and resource recovery to meet present and future community needs.

  • Vision:

    To be the Region’s Leader in Water Resource Recovery through Excellence and Innovation.

  • Values:

    We value our Community, the People we Serve, and the Environment we Protect by: Acting with Integrity, Being Dependable, Being Responsible, Being Safe and, Being Innovative.