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Rates and Fees

Sewer service charges are collected annually on the property tax bill and reflect the cost of operations and maintenance. Annual Sewer Service Charges remain the same as the 2021 rates. The rates, effective July 1, 2022, are shown below.   USER CATEGORY RATE Single Family residence $530.38 per residence per year Multiple Family...

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Residential Resources

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. To find a comprehensive list of innovative environmental solutions for all types of waste including recycling services and collection sites, waste prevention tips, Recycling A-Z Guide and a directory of recycled-content products visit Santa Barbara County’s Waste Reduction Website: Actions individuals can take to...

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Business Resources

Doing Business with Goleta Sanitary District Industrial Waste Control (IWC) The District recognizes that all members of the community have a part to play in the protection of the environment. The District's Industrial Waste Control (IWC) program works with local businesses to make sure they are properly...

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Regulatory Requirements

The District is responsible and liable for enforcing all Federal pretreatment requirements within the Goleta Sanitary District’s service area. The Clean Water Act gives GSD the authority to control the introduction of pollutants that interfere with, pass through, or are otherwise incompatible with publicly owned...

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How to Connect

Annexation All properties receiving sewage collection, treatment, and disposal service from the District must be annexed into the District’s service area. An outline of the annexation procedure can be found in Section 3 of the District’s Standard Specs. Upon request the District will supply the applicant with...

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Frequently Asked Questions

GOLETA SANITARY DISTRICT SEWER SERVICE AND PERMIT FAQs Do I live in the Goleta Sanitary District or Goleta West Sanitary District? We acknowledge that this issue is confusing. Generally, if you live in the eastern part of Goleta or the unincorporated areas of the Goleta Valley, you...

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