Coming soon to a store near you, we are pleased to report that makers of most wet wipes will soon have to change their packaging to indicate whether they are safe or not for the sewer system.

Some quick facts:

• Most wipes contain plastic; designed for strength, they don’t break down, and when flushed, contribute to microplastic pollution

• These wipes clog wastewater systems, causing sewage backups and costly repairs to equipment at wastewater treatment facilities

• Labelling has been inconsistent at best; consumers are led to believe all wipes are safe to flush-most are not.

New legislation requires that manufacturers’ packaging of wet wipes (defined as “pre-moistened, nonwoven, disposable wipes” including baby wipes), be marked DO NOT FLUSH with a related symbol after July 1, 2022.

Labelling for antibacterial and other disinfecting or insecticide wipes are required to be changed by July 1, 2023.

Don’t Flush Wipes!