Use of QR code

The District is always searching for ways to improve efficiency, and to save money for our customers. One recent improvement is the use of what are known as “Smart SOPs.” Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are used by our staff to consistently perform routine tasks using the same methods and protocols. By following standards, we ensure our staff is working safely and smartly.

The new “Smart SOPs” put technology in the hands of our teams when they need it. Employing a technology similar to bar code scanners we all  use in the grocery store; our staff can carry electronic “manuals” with them at all times on cell phones or tablets. For example, an operator can quickly scan a code on a piece of machinery, which then appears on the electronic device, to make sure the steps to perform the procedure are done in a safe and efficient manner. This means time isn’t spent going to an office to find a paper manual, or to look up a procedure on-line. All necessary information to perform a task properly can be accessed by staff in the field whenever needed.

Staff can create, share, and document maintenance and repair activities quickly and efficiently on a tablet or smartphone as work is completed.