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 Final Map GSD

On April 4, 2022, the District held the final of four public hearings to determine the new voting district boundaries for the election of Board members. Plan 1 was selected after discussion and public comment as it met all criteria required for creation of district-based elections per the California Voting Rights Act.
The process also determined which of the new districts will be up for election in the November 2022 election cycle. What does this mean for you, the customer? If you live in one of the newlycreated districts 2 or 3, you will have a ballot option this November for Goleta Sanitary District representation. If you live in either voting districts 1, 4, or 5, you will be able to vote on your representative in the November 2024 election. If you have any questions concerning your newly-created district, or when you will be able to vote, please contact Laura Romano, Management Analyst, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 805-967-4519 x.128

  • Mission:

    We protect public health and the environment through cost-effective wastewater collection, treatment, and resource recovery to meet present and future community needs.

  • Vision:

    To be the Region’s Leader in Water Resource Recovery through Excellence and Innovation.

  • Values:

    We value our Community, the People we Serve, and the Environment we Protect by: Acting with Integrity, Being Dependable, Being Responsible, Being Safe and, Being Innovative.