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The District has completed the environmental review process and is obtaining various regulatory permits for the construction of Phase 1 of the Biosolids and Energy Strategic Plan (BESP). The planned significant improvements will bring energy-efficient cost savings and reduce our carbon footprint.
Phase 1 includes:
• A new 550,000-gallon anaerobic digester which replaces the aging Digester #1. The new digester includes auxiliary equipment: mixing apparatus, cover, and heating elements. The design allows sufficient capacity for the plant should any existing digester go out of service.
• A Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system featuring one new 160-kilowatt (kW) electricity generator to be fueled by our own digester gas. Waste heat from the CHP engine will be used to heat the digesters. Additionally, the two existing digester gas booster blowers will be replaced with two new blowers to match
the engine.
• A biogas pretreatment system to reduce hydrogen sulfide (H2S), siloxanes, and moisture in the digester gas used to
fuel the CHP engine. Scheduled to start construction in Spring 2023, the BESP Phase 1 project should finish by Spring 2024. Completing
this phase of the plan will allow the District to convert biogas to electricity, reduce energy demand, operations costs,
and greenhouse gas emissions. Importantly, this project will also improve resiliency during power outages.

  • Mission:

    We protect public health and the environment through cost-effective wastewater collection, treatment, and resource recovery to meet present and future community needs.

  • Vision:

    To be the Region’s Leader in Water Resource Recovery through Excellence and Innovation.

  • Values:

    We value our Community, the People we Serve, and the Environment we Protect by: Acting with Integrity, Being Dependable, Being Responsible, Being Safe and, Being Innovative.