The District completed an assessment to determine the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) it creates during the treatment process. The assessment gives staff a baseline by which to measure our greenhouse gas emissions from our operations. The assessment is used to monitor and track the District’s efforts in reducing its carbon footprint.

The good news: the District has already reduced the amount of GHGs it produces by over two million pounds since 2015. This reduction is equivalent to taking 33 cars permanently off the road. The reduction was achieved by a variety of improvements including: installing energy-saving lighting, reducing the size of certain electrical equipment, modifying the treatment process to reduce the amount of chemicals used, and more.

Additional planned improvements will reduce the District’s carbon footprint by an additional 1.4 million pounds of gas. The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory assessment serves as a guide for the District to help meet our strategic goals of energy self-sufficiency and continued environmental stewardship.