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Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping the Flow
Goleta Sanitary District's constant focus on maintaining the collection system in top condition, as well as residents' cooperation in not dumping grease and toxics into the system has helped protect everyone's safety as well as the environment.

Preventative Maintenance
The District carries out a formal plan of preventative maintenance to stop problems before they occur. Pipelines throughout the collection system are cleaned on a routine schedule and then televised so staff can determine where additional maintenance is needed.

The District's “Combination Jet Rodder” truck cleans wastewater collection pipelines with powerful water jets and a debris vacuum system elimitates obstruction and prevents sewage spills.

Closed Circuit Inspection
Field crews use a specially designed closed-circuit television camera that travels through the sewers, providing a detailed visual inspection of the District's pipelines. The system is more cost effective than having to dig up a pipeline every time a problem is suspected.

Digital Mapping
Goleta Sanitary uses a computer system called Geographic Information System (GIS) to create digital maps with accurate locations of roads, pipelines and buildings. Residents within the Goleta Sanitary District service area can receive a print-out of their sewer line connection.

Sewer Assessment and Prioritization Program (SAPP)
SAPP is used to access each collection system pipeline based on the pipelines hydraulic capacity, structural condition, operation and maintenance requirements and relative critical rating of the pipeline. The SAPP will be used by District staff in the future to update capital improvement programs.

Emergency Contact Information
For sewer spills or open man hole covers call 805.967.4519.
Board Meeting Information
The GSD Board of Directors meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month at 6:30 pm at the GSD Board Room at One William  Moffett Place.