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Capital Improvement Program

Program Purpose
The District’s capital improvement program (CIP) has been designed to correct structural and hydraulic deficiencies in the collection system. The sewer system was evaluated using criteria based on operation costs, frequency of maintenance, structural conditions, risk of failure and hydraulic adequacy. Pipelines within the system are compared and those exhibiting a higher risk of failure based on the evaluation criteria are given a higher priority for repair.

The District’s CIP is also used as a predictive tool to determine which pipelines in the system may be approaching their useful lives. Pipelines with a higher priority rating are placed on an increased maintenance schedule and are monitored more closely by the District.

Project Development
The CIP condition assessment program identified 35 projects throughout the system. Most of the identified projects are required to correct structural problems and a few deal with hydraulic deficiencies.

Emergency Contact Information
For sewer spills or open man hole covers call 805.967.4519.
Board Meeting Information
The GSD Board of Directors meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month at 6:30 pm at the GSD Board Room at One William  Moffett Place.